21 JULAI 2011

Prize giving ceremony for the Colouring Contest and Essay-Writing Contest.



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  1. Ramai murid yang bertanya berkenaan program ni…sambutan sangat menggalakkan 🙂

  2. alyaiwani123

    nur alya iwani..6b..best2…

  3. SLM……Lps ni boleh jemput lg…..

  4. alya shafik

    bestnyer sape yg menang 2..

  5. congrats tu all the winners!! well done!!

  6. anis syazwanie


  7. Azahar Junin

    Tahniah kepada pemenang-pemenang.
    Saya ingin memberi satu cadangan untuk perhatian pihak sekolah seperti di bawah.
    Essay writing requires creativity, and creativity comes with reading. I would suggest that the school to have a weekly class period for all students (maybe 30 minutes) for each classes called “library period” where students will go to library and borrow books. Make it a must for students to at least borrow minimum a book or two for them to read each week. This will help students develop and nurture their reading habit. And then track the number of pages for each students for books they have read and teachers can post it at the school’s walls, in the class or in the website. At the end of the year, school can give a small token or anything to students to appreciate their effort. It doesn’t have to be a material, but a cert or something that will make the students proud would be good enough.

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